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Gareth Bennett
Father of Logan

Since our first visit to look around Pobl Bach in Llangunnor, we have had nothing but confidence that this is best place for our son to grow, have fun and be cared for. Nia and all of the team there are open, professional and concerned about every detail to make sure that the children are happy. We genuinely could not be happier with Pobl Bach and the service that they provide.

Adrianne Mackintosh
Mother of Rory and Griff

I have been a Pobl Bach parent for almost 4 years, with both of my boys attending from the age of 10 months. The relationship the staff have developed with my children is fantastic and I can say with confidence that my boys consider the Pobl Bach ladies as extra aunties and extended family. This to me was the most important thing that made my transition back to the work place much easier. Staff have consistently been sensitive and accommodating to changes in the boys' life, such as the arrival of ‘little brother’ and the big scary step of starting school. The children have developed socially and through educational activities very well and I can say that the glitter and crafting in particular is beyond what I would be able to achieve at home.

Amy Vandoorn
Mother of Robbie

I wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing care , fun times and education that you and the amazing team there at Pobl Bach have provided for Robbie over the past 3 years.
I can vividly recall the first day I dropped 5 month old Robbie off in the baby unit for his taster session , the plan was that I was going to stay with him for that session however he very quickly succumbed to the lovely Ann and he didn’t look back ! I returned after an hour or so and was delighted to watch Robbie excitedly waving his arms as Ann was singing to him about Christmas puddings. That taster session gave me the hope and peace of mind I needed to return to work knowing that my little boy would be very well nurtured and cared for.
Throughout his time there, Robbie has grown into a bright, sociable and very happy little boy. He is always bouncing in his car seat with excitement when we pull into the Pobl Bach car park. Every single day without fail he is greeted with a warm, smiling and friendly face from the staff there , all of whom he is extremely fond of! Myself and my husband have been updated every single day he has been there with verbal and written reports, along with his file/ book of his journey so far at Pobl Bach - All Of his very precious moments captured by the wonderful team there every step of his journey.
I want to say a big, huge thank you to you and the absolutely fantastic team for the gold standard care you provide for Robbie. Pobl Bach has no doubt given him an unbeatable platform in life!

Demi Catterall
Mother of Isaac

From the very first moment I viewed the crèche and met the staff I was put at ease, I knew Isaac would be perfectly fine.

However since then, not only has he been ‘fine’ he has excelled in every aspect. Isaac attended Pobl Bach for 2 years prior to starting primary school, I can’t express how much I believe this prepared him for the next stage in his young life. He has become a confident, happy and content little boy. I can thank Pobl Bach directly to contributing to this.

The staff always go above and beyond to make you and your child feel most happy/comfortable. Through difficult times the staff have not only been incredible in their job roles, but also proved as a support network for myself too.

When the time comes, myself and Isaac will be incredibly sad to say our goodbyes.